Nissan is once again taking it up a notch by expanding electric vehicle performance capability, with the introduction of their new twin motor all-wheel control technology – e-4ORCE!  e-4ORCE delivers both amazing power and handling, similar to what one might find in many premium sports cars, by producing torque to all four wheels! 


Above:  The Ariya Concept

Nissan engineers were able to develop e-4ORCE technology by managing electric vehicle power output and braking performance – resulting in unparalleled ride comfort!  “The e-4ORCE twin-motor all-wheel control technology offers precise handling and stability, which gives drivers greater confidence and even more excitement than ever before,” said Takao Asami, Nissan Senior Vice President of Research and Advanced Engineering. “This technology enables excellent cornering performance and traction on slippery surfaces and comfortable ride for all passengers.”

Also interesting is that e-4ORCE technology has the ability to minimize pitch and drive, making stop and go traffic much less taxing to the vehicle! Plus, motor control is optimized on rough roads, to maintain ride comfort by minimizing irregular movement during acceleration!

e-4ORCE technology can already be found in Nissan’s new zero-emissions crossover – the Ariya Concept, which just made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week.  Although still just a concept vehicle, the Ariya could make it into production quite soon.  If you would like to learn more about the Ariya Concept, then please read our past blog post: MOVING FORWARD: THE NISSAN ARIYA CONCEPT.  Alternatively, if you are interested in viewing our current Nissan model lineup, then please check out our Guelph Nissan Website, and click on our New Nissan Inventory!  Any questions, please just let us know! 

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