Developed for their next generation of EVs, Nissan has just revealed its new test vehicle – which includes an enhanced All-Wheel-Drive System, thanks to Twin Motors – found in the front and in the rear – that work in combination with Nissan Chassis Control Technology!  The Result:  An Electric All-Wheel Drive Control System!  

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Soon, Nissan will launch a next-generation EV that will be a true breakthrough,” said Takao Asami, Senior Vice President for Research and Advanced Engineering at Nissan. “The new electric-drive four-wheel-control technology now being developed integrates Nissan’s electric propulsion and 4WD control technologies with our chassis control technology to achieve a huge leap in acceleration, cornering and braking performance, on par with the latest sports cars.”


The powertrain of Nissan’s new test vehicle is able to generate 227 kilowatts of maximum output, and 680 Nm of maximum torque – thanks to using separate front and rear electric motors!  This output is then complemented by high-precision motor control, provided by Nissan’s advanced EV Technology, which offers highly responsive, yet very smooth, acceleration.  The All-Wheel-Control System (electric four-wheel-control technology) will also benefit drivers by giving them the confidence to drive on any road surface – making driving more enjoyable, no matter what the road conditions are! 

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With the precision control of two motors, the driver (and passengers) will experience unparalleled ride comfort. Rear motor braking minimalizes vehicle pitch and dive, keeping passengers from being swayed back and forth, when slowing down on city streets. Also when travelling on rougher roads, motor control is optimized to maintain ride comfort, by minimizing irregular movement.  In addition, the system optimizes front and rear torque allocation, by applying independent brake control at each of the four wheels – maximizing the cornering force generated by each tire!  



Nissan’s new test vehicle creates excitement for a new era of Nissan EV Technology! The exterior offers Rally Style Wheels, with Over Fenders, while the inside holds a 12.3 Inch Display System, which is mounted in the center of the instrument panel.  The Display System is able to report – in real time – information on the vehicle control technology, by using a polished graphic interface. The Display System then not only helps the Driver understand the movement of the vehicle better, but also helps the driver judge the All-Wheel-Control Technology’s performance at a glance.

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