Nissan has just unveiled their new Ariya Concept at this year’s 46th Tokyo Motor Show!  The Ariya Concept is an EV crossover, which comes equipped with Twin Electric Motors, offering powerful acceleration, in combination with award-winning technology!  While the new Ariya Concept showcases a very sleek exterior, the interior provides a sense of seamlessness! 


Exterior Design

The Ariya Concept marks the beginning of a new design era for Nissan vehicles!  “A new vehicle architecture means fresh opportunities to redefine how vehicles interact with society, how an EV paired with advanced driving capabilities can offer a new perspective,” said Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan Senior Vice President of Global Design. The exterior profile of the Ariya Concept is highlighted by 21-Inch 5-Blade Aluminum Wheels, with Custom Tires, a Sleek Low Roofline, and One-Piece Light Blade – with Blacked-Out Lenses – which run across the width of the body! 


We replaced the conventional grille with what we call a ‘shield’ – an expressive piece with innovative 3-D texture within that goes beyond cosmetics, but also as a way to highlight the technology lurking within the vehicle,” added Alfonso Albaisa. “In this case, it’s a radar sensor and other technologies that help the Ariya Concept read the road and visualize things the driver can’t see.”  Additional new exterior features include Rear Fender Flares, along with a High-Mounted Rear Wing! Also, the Roofline and Wheels are colored in Copper, which is the new “signature color” for all future Nissan EVs!  The Reason:  Copper is the color of the sun, as it breaks through the night to start a new day!  What better way to symbolize the dawn of a new automotive era!  

Interior Design

Upon entering the cabin, one can immediately see the minimalist dashboard, and seamlessly integrated touch controls, found along the instrument panel!  These touch controls only come to life (by glowing) when the vehicle is in use!  When not in use, they disappear into the surface. The only physical controls actually found in the Ariya is the Start Button, the Knob on the 12.3-Inch Display Monitor, and the Climate Controls!  In addition, the Ariya offers passengers a super-thin seating frame, providing great comfort and space!  The Seat Back and Seat Bottoms also feature a Brilliant Copper Fabric – in combination with Perforated Leather Upholstery – adding even more beauty to the design elements!  It just gets better with Satin Copper-Colored Aluminum Accents, which provide a sense of unity between the interior and the exterior! 

preview-928x522 (1)


The Ariya Concept was designed to embody the three pillars of Nissan Intelligent Mobility – Intelligent Driving, Intelligent Power, and Intelligent Integration – in combination with advanced electric-vehicle technology!  Equipped with the latest version of ProPILOT 2.0, the Ariya Concept is able to combine navigated highway driving with hands-off single-lane driving!  In addition, by using its own navigation system, the Ariya also helps drivers maneuver a predefined route on designated roads, assisting with passing, lane diversions, and lane exiting – on multi-lane highways, and even enables hands-off driving while cruising in a given lane!   There is also a Virtual Personal Assistant, which offers to help look up information and locate parking when needed.

Firmware Over The Air Technology also provides updates for the navigation system and graphic user interface – ensuring the vehicle is always running effectively, and has all the latest updates!  Plus, when parked at home or the office, the Ariya Concept supports Nissan Energy Technology – helping drivers fully harness the Ariya’s use into every aspect of life.

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The Ariya Concept was built with a 100% electric drive system, and delivers instant torque to the wheels, thanks to its dual front/rear motor drive configuration.  Plus, thanks to the Twin Electric Motors, and All-Wheel-Control System, the Ariya Concept always provides drivers with high power – in combination with a smooth ride!

Although still a concept vehicle, the Ariya definitely has all the characteristics to make it into production in the near future. Created as a vision of Nissan’s electrified future, the Ariya name traces back to ancient times – evoking images of respect and admiration.

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