As part of its new ProPilot 2.0 setup, Nissan has just unveiled a brand new Driver Assist Technology, which actually combines the navigation system in a vehicle with “hands-off” highway driving – while cruising in a single lane! This new feature will only be available (for now) on the Japanese market, and it will debut in the Nissan Skyline in the fall of 2019!


To enable Navigated Hands-Off Highway Driving, drivers must first create a predefined travel route by setting their destination in their navigation system.  Navigated Hands-Off Highway Driving then becomes available as soon as the vehicle enters the highway – assisting the driver with passing, lane exiting, and lane diversions!  Should the vehicle approach a road divide, then this new feature will use the information taken from the Navigation System, to judge the timing of the branching off, while keeping the driver updated with audio and visual guidance, while also prompting him/her to put both hands back onto the wheel!

Right about now you might be wondering how all this is possible.  Well, the vehicle is able to receive real time information about its surrounding environment by using a combination of cameras, radars, sonars, GPS, and 3D high-definition map data – making it continuously aware of its exact location on the road!

Navigated Hands-Off Highway Driving will debut in Japan this fall on the Nissan Skyline!  Availability in Canada has not yet been announced.  ProPILOT (known as ProPILOT Assist in Canada and the U.S.) is an integral part of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, and is found on several Nissan models including the 2019 Qashqai, 2019 Altima and 2019 Rogue.  

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