Nissan Engineers at the Nissan Technical Center in Michigan are testing the effects of UV exposure on paint, plastic, and other vehicle materials, by simulating sun-exposure, through a new lab technology called the Xenon Weather-Ometer.   

Nissan Rogue

The Xenon Weather-Ometer imitates earth’s orbit by rotating 100 vehicle samples around a 4000-watt Xenon bulb – a bulb that “bakes nearly 100 samples at the same wavelengths as the sun.”   

Xenon Weather-Ometer

Engineers are then able to test the material samples through a series of cycles, while investigating any changes.  Plus, testing only takes half the time – because now the “sun can shine” 24 hours a day!  Nissan is using this type of rigorous test to ensure sun-fading (for both the exterior and the interior) of Nissan vehicles will be greatly reduced.


“In addition to rigorous real-world tests, this tool allows us to create harsh environments,” said Doug Prytula, technician, body and chassis testing, Nissan North America. “It is one more step we take to ensure Nissan’s quality standards are second-to-none.”

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