Nissan Rogue

The decision between leasing and financing your next vehicle can be a difficult one.  That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to share a little more insight into both options.  

First off, it’s important to point out that Lease Agreements outline how many kilometres can be driven each year.  If you go over that amount, you risk a penalty (meaning additional costs).  However, if you don’t intend to put a lot of kilometres on your next vehicle, and would also like the possibility of stepping into a new vehicle every few years (without taking on the risk of low resale value), then leasing might just be the option for you.  Plus, if you choose to lease, your monthly payments will be lower, however, you will not own the vehicle when you come to the end of the lease term. 

Now, if you plan on putting a lot of kilometres on your next vehicle, then financing may be the better option. Financing also allows you to build equity, while putting your vehicle to heavy use.  Plus, when you choose to finance, you can also sell, customize, or trade-in your vehicle once you own it. 

There are definite advantages to both options, however if your still not sure what option best suits your needs, stop by Guelph Nissan for specific information.  We strive to make driving a Nissan simple, convenient, and fun.

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