Help extend the life of your Nissan, and protect its performance, as well as the environment in 2019, with these New Year’s Resolutions. 

#1:  Clean Your Nissan Regularly:  As a general rule, you should consider washing the exterior of your Nissan every two weeks or so.  However, you may want to wash it more often in the winter, as the salty roads can corrode the metal and cause rust.  Likewise, in the summer you should ensure you promptly wash off any bird droppings, as they are acidic, and can eat into the paint.  The interior should also be maintained with regular cleansing, especially if you have leather seats.  Ideally, leather seats should be cleaned and conditioned every three months or so to prevent them from cracking and aging.

Nissan Micra

#2:  Schedule Regular Oil Changes:  Scheduling regular oil changes is a vital component in maintaining the engine life of your Nissan.  Regular oil changes not only lubricate the engine, they also reduce engine temperature, and help to maintain proper engine function.  Here at Guelph Nissan, booking an oil change is easier than ever, with our Online Booking System!  

Nissan Oil Change

#3:  Rotate Your Tires:  To ensure your tires wear evenly, you should rotate your tires every six months, or 10,000 to 12,000 km’s.  Rotating your tires also improves handling, optimizes performance, and helps extend the life of your tires.

Nissan Tires

#4:  Become A More Fuel Efficient Driver: Save money on fuel and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions by following these three simple steps to become a more fuel efficient driver in 2019! 

*Maintain a Steady Speed: Avoid wasting fuel in decelerating and then accelerating again. 

*Accelerate Gently:  The faster you accelerate the more fuel you use.  

*Avoid High Speeds:  Between 50 and 80 km per hour is the most fuel efficient way to drive. 

Nissan Enviroment

We hope you found these New Year’s Resolutions informative!  If you have any questions about your Nissan, or need to schedule a service appointment, then please contact us at Guelph Nissan or please feel free to use our Online Booking System

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